Discover the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

Our team here at Rhinebeck Ford Inc. is excited to show off the new Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. This popular full-size passenger wagon is available with many different options. It's a flexible ride that can be configured to match your lifestyle.

If passenger space is a top priority, the Transit has you covered. You can get up to 15 passenger seats with the long-wheelbase model. With the standard wheelbase, the Transit has enough room for 8 passengers. In addition to choosing your seating layout, the vehicle is available with three different roof heights. The highest option makes the interior of the wagon feel spacious and airy even with a full load of people.

Each passenger seat is equipped with all the essentials. Dedicated shoulder seatbelts and adjustable headrests come standard. Big families in Rhinebeck will also appreciate the strategic layout. A pass-through aisle ensures that rear passengers can always access their seats.


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