Ford Edge: Compact But Big on Performance

Compact SUVs with tons of towing capacity, power under the hood and smooth handling always get our Rhinebeck Ford Inc. team excited. The 2020 Ford Edge is no exception. It derives power from an impressive array of performance features, two of which we decided to share for your info.

The One & Only EcoBoost

Ford Edge is one of roughly 10 vehicles in the Ford fleet boasting an EcoBoost engine. EcoBoost engines are supremely efficient, forcing more air and fuel into the engine via turbocharging. At the same time, direct injection delivers a precise amount of fuel while Twin Variable Camshaft Timing optimizes engine performance on less fuel. The result is fewer emissions and more power on less fuel as you zip through Rhinebeck.

Auto Stop-Start

?Ford Edge's Auto Stop-Start saves tons of gasoline annually. The engine shuts off automatically and then restarts fluidly when you bring Edge to a stop and after you take your foot off of the brake pedal, respectively.

Experience Ford Edge's power and precision handling for yourself with a test drive at our dealership. We look forward to meeting you.


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