When the engineers at Ford designed the new Ranger pickup, they built it to take on the toughest roads and trails. The built each component to the highest durability standards. Then they tested the Ranger on terrain so rough they had to use robots for the driving!

They wanted to make sure to find and fix anything that would rattle or squeak. They wanted to identify anything in the suspension that might not hold up once you get it off the road. So they started with a fully-boxed frame made out of high-strength steel. It has six cross members for front-to-back stability. They mounted steel bumpers right to the frame and added a set of tow hooks.

Beneath the frame, the Ranger's double A-arm front suspension provides maximum agility while keeping control over rough surfaces. Parabolic rear leaf springs keep you safe and stable even when the road gets rough. The new Ford Ranger is tough enough to take anywhere in Rhinebeck.


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