Geeky tech seldom fits into the same sentence with the words "muscle car," but the Ford Mustang packs new tech features that are practically genius. We here at Rhinebeck Ford Inc. love timeless, classic sports cars like the Mustang. We also love driver-friendly tech. Mustang has both in spades. Here are two features to illustrate our point.

Sounds Like a Winner

The Mustang was built to gallop along road trips and random spins through Rhinebeck, which means banging music is a must. Thankfully, the Mustang comes equipped with a premium Bang & Olufsen 12-speaker array boasting tweeters, woofers and a special in-trunk subwoofer. The speakers' harmonics are lush and full-bodied, and the tones are clarion: perfect for your favorite playlists.

FordPass Connect

Surf, stream and download during quick trips or extended journeys with FordPass, Mustang's very own in-cabin Wi-Fi hotspot. Thanks to AT&T-powered 4G LTE speeds, this network moves quickly, supports up to 10 devices and extends up to a 50-foot radius.

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