The technological features of the Ford Expedition are more than just luxuries. Sure, they'll help you play music and look at maps of Rhinebeck, but they're also designed to keep you safe in bad weather or dangerous traffic conditions. They offer many different driver-assist controls to safeguard you and all of your passengers.

Auto High-Beam Headlamps will offer visibility on the road by automatically detecting low levels of light and compensating for them. Cross-Traffic Alerts and Pre-Collision Assists will help you avoid accidents. You can even generate your own WiFi hot spot with the FordPass Connect to utilize web-based safety services.

Consider the Ford Expedition if you want a high-tech car with all of the trimmings. Feel free to drop by our showroom at Rhinebeck Ford Inc. if you'd like to slide into the driver's seat and play with the touchscreens for yourself. We'll even let you take the car for a test drive!


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