Love The Future with the Ford F-150 Raptor

Have you seen the interior of a Ford F-150 Raptor lately? We know you love Ford’s sturdy and classic vehicles, along with its legacy for quality in popular off-road pickup trucks. Get behind the wheel of a Raptor at Rhinebeck Ford Inc., and you might forget you’re sitting in a truck at all.

Luxury Assistance

The interior of the F-150 with its special lumbar comfort feature and standard bolsters, bucket seats, sleek console, and luxurious leather-trim will provide you elegant comfort for any journey. Although you’ll notice this truck is not your parent’s Ford immediately. You’ll find features like satellite radio, wi-fi hotspot, and voice-activated sync technology that provides you touchscreen access to a host of technology-based features more often found inside airplanes than trucks. So whether you’re off-roading or just making a run to your favorite store, you’ll have the luxury and the electronic guidance systems you deserve.

Travel Into Tomorrow

This is today’s Ford, where the future is now. Are you the Ford driver of today and tomorrow? We imagine that once you come in and drive this powerhouse of pickups yourself, you’ll be perfectly positioned to move into the future in luxury, and with plenty of power to get you there.


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