The 2019 Ford Edge ST can Perform Startlingly Well

The 2019 Ford Edge ST is a sporty and popular full-size SUV. While the 2019 Edge ST certainly has the interior room and bulk of an SUV, it also offers performance features that allow it to handle and move more like a sports car. These features include specially configured engines as well as a number of performance-enhancing driving modes.

The 2019 Ford Edge SUV brings plenty of performance to the table with a beefy 335 hp Eco-boost motor. This 2.7 L motor provides V-6 power backed up by proprietary power boosting turbochargers. These and other internal components help this vehicle to develop a hill conquering 380 foot-pounds of torque.

Fords 2019 Edge ST makes it easy for drivers to handle the copious power provided by the motor. Now, drivers don't have to reach for awkward shifting levers. The 2019 Edge ST provides easy-to-use paddle and cluster shifters right on the steering wheel. This allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel during high-performance maneuvers.

Drivers can also use the paddle shifters in the Edge ST Sports performance mode. Among other things, this special service can allow gears to wind out to higher RPMs before shifts, thus maximizing takeoffs and high-speed accelerations.



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