Productivity Highlights of the Ford Super Duty Truck

Rhinebeck Ford Inc. wants car shoppers in Rhinebeck to find out how the Ford Super Duty makes them more productive on the road. Having heavy-duty classification, this signature pickup truck has stunning capabilities. Besides offering best-in-class towing ratings, this tough vehicle has smart technologies that save you time and effort for challenging trips.

Having a patented design that is optimized for professional workers in various industries, the BoxLink offers plenty of utility in remote areas. This unit is reinforced for the ultimate durability under severe conditions. You can tie down heavy equipment to the signature BoxLink system that supports high tension. Up to four interface plates provide extra reinforcement for bulky items that tend to shake and sway on the bed. Additionally, the Super Duty model has multiple LED lamps that fully illuminate all corners of the bed. Working at night has never been more convenient thanks to this Ford's industrial-grade amenities.



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