Rhinebeck Ford Inc. is Happy to Talk About Tech Features in the Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger may look like a regular midsize truck, but it is packed with so many tech features that you might think you're driving into the future, even though you're just driving the streets of Rhinebeck. It is not surprising that you would feel like this with the following features.

Sync 3

The Sync 3 feature is something you will love to use. It is a voice activated system that allows you to control your infotainment system along with your navigation system. Think about it, you will be guided to your destination without taking your eyes off the road.

Lane Keeping

People can drift into other lanes accidentally all the time. It could happen because you get distracted for a second or simply because you are talking to your passengers. You are human, and Ford wants to keep you safe with the lane keeping system that senses if you are drifting and warns you about it.

We want you to take a test drive with us so that we can show you the little additions Ford thought you'd love. The Ranger is yours for the taking, and you'll see why as soon as you make your appointment.



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