Ford Taurus Design Features to Highlight

The Ford Taurus has been around for some time, and every so often Ford releases a new model to show off some interesting design features. This makes sense because the vehicle model has been in production for 30 years, and Ford has changed it up a bit from time to time.

The Exterior

One thing that makes this particular vehicle stand out even more this time around is the exterior that comes with a bit of an edge that should blend well with the driver.

Another aspect of the exterior worth pointing out is the bold grill that it comes with, which gives it that rugged touch you know all Taurus' should have. It is the perfect overall look to drive around Rhinebeck or anywhere you choose to go.

The vehicle also comes with intentional sculpted lines that allow the color of the car to pop just a little more.

The Interior

Rhinebeck Ford Inc. will be more than happy to go over the interior design features with you. The soft-to-the-touch materials that are embedded throughout the car will be pointed out.

The design was made to look clean and refined, which definitely shows. It also features enough insulation to help isolate sounds from the outside and even from the engine.

We are more than excited about the new Taurus, and we will be happy to share other design features you are interested in, so come on down, and take that test drive your itching to take.



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