Comfort for the 21st Century – 2018 Ford Focus

In Rhinebeck, we value practicality, reliability and affordability with our vehicles. But, given we spend so very much time in our cars with our busy, on-the-go lifestyles, we need some comfort and style to go with this. Sadly, practicality and comfort have often been mutually exclusive with many engineering firms out there. Ford doesn’t see things the same way, though.

The 2018 Ford Focus brings in some modern interior design approaches that provide levels of comfort and style not seen in many other vehicles. The SmartGauge technology allows for intuitive, computer-aided displays for all your vehicle’s vital statistics in an attractive, at-a-glance manner. The dual zone temperature system allows everyone to ride with comfort no matter what their personal climate preferences are. The intuitive dash display, offering Apple CarPlay or Android Auto provides a no-distraction hands-free approach to the digital age.

To experience the interior design of the future, come visit us at Rhinebeck Ford Inc. today for a test drive.



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