Come see Rhinebeck Ford Inc. to safety check your tires

Tire tread depth is a very important factor to consider when driving because the depth of the tire tread will determine how successful the tire will be to adhere to the road. This becomes especially important during times where there is snow or rain on the roads. At these times, a tire that has unacceptable tread on it will allow the car to slip on the road and could cause the driver to get into a car accident.

​It is for this reason, and many more, why we at Rhinebeck Ford Inc. want Rhinebeck area residents to book an appointment with us so that we can inspect the depth of your tire tread and recommend solutions, such as having new tires installed on your vehicle, to add that extra element of safety to your vehicle when you are driving. Isn't your safety worth booking an appointment with Rhinebeck Ford Inc. to make sure you are safe?
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