Ford Edge Shakes It Up in Performance

The 2019 Edge has been hailed as one of the top midsize SUVs in its class. For one, the Edge comes with a number of different trims. There are also two engines available including the EcoBoost four-cylinder, which is perfect for the everyday commute. This base engine has a pretty decent horsepower at 250. It comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission and high acceleration, making it perfect for those highway drives home after work.

If you want to upgrade the performance, there are a few different ways you can do so. For example, you can get the highest trim level, which is the Edge ST. The ST has a lot of features for those who want more acceleration and power. You can get the Edge ST with turbocharged V6 to get 335 horsepower out of your SUV as well. The new models come with eight-speed mixers as well.

Test drive the latest Edge and see the power yourself. You can feel it when you drive at Rhinebeck Ford Inc.



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