How to Choose between Buying or Leasing Your Next Car

When you need a vehicle there are a few options available to make it easier. At Rhinebeck Ford Inc. can buy a car or lease one from our new inventory of models. However, the choice to do so can be confusing for new owners. Here is a guide for the process to make it easier:


  • When you buy a vehicle, it is yours forever.
  • You can use the vehicle as a trade-in when you buy another vehicle.
  • You can personalize the vehicle in any way that you like.


  • You can often save money on a leased vehicle.
  • You can get a brand new car every three years.
  • Repairs and roadside assistance are often included.

Depending on what your personal needs might be, you can either lease or buy. Just remember that each option offers different aspects of the person that is looking for a vehicle. Anyone that wants a brand new car would benefit from a lease at 3667 Route 9G today!

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