Brake Service is Key to Driving Safely

Safety features in your Ford car are exciting and so nifty to fiddle with, but they aren't the most integral safety feature on your vehicle. Your brakes qualify for this honor since they are required to stop your vehicle before you collide with anything else on the road. Without proper brake inspections and service, your car’s brakes could fail suddenly when you need them the most. Don’t take chances with the safety of you and your family. If you hear squeaking, grinding, or if your brake service light has come on, get your car to our service center immediately.

If you need brake service, why not make life easy and see us at Rhinebeck Ford Inc. at our service center. Let out service team give you a full brake inspection and discuss any issues that need to be addressed to get your car back to driving at its safest. Our team is fully certified and cares about your vehicle, which is why we only use Ford-approved parts. Let us help you keep your car in top condition now and for many years to come.

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