SYNC 3 Shows Off Ford's Innovation

When it comes to automotive technology, few companies are as innovative as Ford. That is apparent with their new SYNC 3 voice recognition system.

SYNC 3 not only makes an attractive centerpiece for your dashboard with its capacitive touchscreen display, it also uses voice recognition software to perform tasks for you while you drive like music searches on your radio, and operating your climate control system.

SYNC 3 will also integrate with your smartphone using Android Auto. This allows you to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, check your voicemail, and navigate your way around town while getting live traffic updates with Google Maps. All hands-free.

So if you are ready to really see everything that the SYNC 3 from Ford can do for you, then head down to our showroom here at Rhinebeck Ford Inc. and take a SYNC 3-equipped Ford for a test drive today.
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